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Monday Friday: 8:30am – 6pm 

Saturday: By appointment only.

The Heathcare Clinic

Are you in search for a healthcare clinic where the providers know your name? If so, look no further. SmartQuest Healthcare takes pride in getting to know you and providing quality care. Our office has shorter wait times, longer visits with your provider, offering convenient virtual visits, and best of all we have affordable prices and accept most healthcare insurances. 

Our services provide care for the acute and chronically ill patients as well as preventative services to all ages. We provide chronic disease management services and treatment for illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, STD's, sinus infections, rashes, weight-loss management, as well as men’s health. We aim to improve the quality of health within all of our patients so they can live a longer heathier life.

We're Reimagining Health Care


SmartQuest Healthcare aims to provide dedicated healthcare services in the most easy and convenient way. With the Telehealth platform, you can receive quality services anywhere from your smartphone, computer, or tablet with a connection to the internet.


With Telehealth you can:

  • Schedule your appointment with your healthcare provider

  • Message your provider

  • See your lab results

  • Visit with your provider by a video

  • Pay your bill

  • Get your prescriptions refills

  • And so much more


Medication Management

SmartQuest medication management services includes visiting your primary care provider to provide life sustaining medication to all ages.

Medication is an essential part of remaining healthy. They can treat underlying conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and pain. It can also treat underlying symptoms in acute and chronic situations to help maintain  maintain good health.

Prescribing medication in Family Health requires something known as “medication management.” In medication management, the patient and provider work together to determine whether or not a medication is the right option for the you.

Contact us to schedule your medication management visit.

A Closer Look
Female Pharmacist





  • Mobile or in office IV therapy infusions throughout Cleveland and surrounding areas

  • Delivering to homes, hotels, offices, or events

  • Treatments take 45 – 60 minutes

  • Administered by certified nurses

  • Available for individual and group settings

Boost Energy, Strengthen Immunity, Cure Hang-Overs and Improve Mental Clarity,  Provides vitamin replenishment

At-Home Covid-19 Testing Available

Nasal Swab PCR Test

(Highest Accuracy)

This standard nasal viral PCR lab test can determine if you are currently infected with Covid-19. Results in 1-2 days (2 days if tested on Sunday).

Rapid Antigen Test

(Results in 15-minutes)

This nasal swab test detects viral proteins and can determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19. Results in 15 minutes.

Patient on Scale

Weight Management in-home or in office visit


B12 Injections

Shots Contain 4 Essential Ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12 - Which boosts metabolism, aids in burning stored fat and helps those who have trouble regulating their sleep, moods or appetites.

  • Inositol - Is another B vitamin that helps break down fat and regulate moods and appetites. It also lowers cholesterol.

  • Methionine - An amino acid that lowers the release of histamines, is beneficial for those who deal with allergies. It also breaks down fats, lowers cholesterol and boosts energy.

  • Choline - Is an essential nutrient that helps break fats as well as help the body detox.

At SmartQuest Healthcare, we offer B12 injections.. B12 shots can be done at your home, office, gym, or wherever! B12 shots cost $35, however we do require a $120 minimum for travel .  B12 injections are typically done with other IV packages we offer.

How Often Should I Get A B12 Shot?

Vitamin B12 injections can be administered from one to three times a week. Because each person's body is different, B12 injections don't have the same effects on everyone. The average adult has up to two years' worth of B12 stored in their livers. Others have diets that make it difficult to maintain healthy levels of B12, requiring them to seek out alternative sources, such as supplements and injections. Those with a B12 deficiency may be required to take B12 injections multiple times a week. If you have been prescribed a B12 injection to aid in weight loss your doctor may suggest a weekly dose.

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